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本期軍語彙編 1. 海軍調查委員會(Marine Board of Inquiry) 2. 反恐專責小組(Anti-terrorism Task Force. ATTF) 3. 禁止武器組織(Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. OPCW) 4. 嚴重急性呼吸道症候群(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. SARS) 5. 聯合勤務通用面罩(Joint Service General Purpose Mask. JSGPM) 6. 大型飛機紅外線反制系統(Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures. LAIRCM) 7. 定向紅外線反制器(Directional Infrared Countermeasures. DIRCM) 8. 剋制應急爆炸裝置聯合特遣部隊(Joint IED Defeat Task Force) 9. 車載應急爆炸裝置(Vehicle-borne IEDs. VBIEDs) 10. 履帶式登陸人員運輸車(Landing Vehicle Tracked Personnel. LVYP) 11. 聯合爆裂物探討小組(Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell. CEXC) 12. 高機動多用途輪型車(High Mobility Multipurpose Vehicle Wheeled. HMMVW) 13. 強制媾和(peace enforcement) 14. 聯戰最高指導構想(Capstone Concept for Joint Operations) 15. 戰略軍士(strategic corporal) 16. 保安車(Internal Security Vehicles. ISV) 17. 裝甲人員運輸車(armoured personnel carriers. APC) 18. 機動調整式舷梯系統(Mobile Adjustable Ramp System. MARS) 19. 公眾調解部隊(Iraqi Civil Warning Intervention Force) 20. 雷達警告接收器(Radar Warning Receiver. RWR) 21. 視頻(crystal video) 22. 同步搜索追蹤(track-while-scan) 23. 以效能為基準(effects-based) 24. 認知管理作戰(perception management) 25. 卡內基防止核武擴散計畫(Camegie Non-Proliferation Project) 26. 戰區安全合作計畫(Theatre Security Cooperation Plan) 27. 責任區(Area of Responsibility. AOR) 28. 美國駐外使館任務執行計畫(US Embassy Mission Performance Plan) 29. 跨部會整合中心(Interagency Fusion Center. IFC) 30. 彈道飛彈防禦(Ballistic Missile Defence. BMD) 31. 非軍事區(Demilitarised Zone. DMZ) 32. 戰略架構協定(Strategic Framework Agreement) 33. 不結盟運動(Non-Aligned Movement) 34. 雙邊防衛諮詢(Bilateral Defence Discussions) 35. 三項公報(Three Joint Communiques) 36. 金援外國軍事(Foreign Military Financing. FMF) 37. 自由結合協定(Compact of Free Association) 38. 亞太安全研究中心(Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies. APCSS) 39. 災害處理及人道援助專業中心(Centre of Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance) 40. 國際軍事教育及訓練(International Military Education and Training. IMET)